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dual-channel ion chromatograph
CIC-D300 Ion chromatograph

CIC-D300  is a kind of ion chromatograph with dual-channel system design. It has stable performance and powerful function. Each channel runs independently at the same time, and does not interfere with each other. It can realize the simultaneous detection of anions and cations, and double the work efficiency.

The workstation of the observatory realizes the integration of the two-channel workstation, which is easy and fast to operate.One machine can meet the detection requirements of environment, food, chemical industry, electric power, disease control, electronics, mining and metallurgy and other fields.

Technology Advantage:

  • Cation and anion dual-channel system, with both channels operating independently without disturbing each other and cations and anions being detected simultaneously;

  • Eluent thermal buffer system in which eluent enters into the columns after preheated, to avoid bubbles generated from rapid heating;

  • Intelligent flow path mode, one-key operation to complete flow path switch, automatic cleaning to save time and labor; 

  • Built-in low-pressure degassing technology to eliminate bubble interference for more stability;

  • The world's leading full-range series of chromatographic columns able to detect of ions with varied compositions;

  • Excellent performance to support all your applications.

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Maximum Pressure:35 MPa(PEEK)

Pressure Display Accuracy:≤0.1MPa

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume: ≤0.8μL

Detection Range:0~50000μS/cm 

Detection Resolution:≤0.0020nS/cm              

Electronic Noise:0.02nS

Temperature Range:Room temperature+5~60℃(41 ~140℉)

Maximum Pressure:10.0MPa 

Built-in Eluent Generator

Eluent Types:KOH/NaOH/MSA

Eluent Concentration Range:0.1-120mM

Concentration Increment: 0.1mM

Flow Rate Range:0.1-5.0mL/min



Power Requirements:150W

Dimensions(L*W*H*):500*500*760 (mm)

Net Weight(KG):48

Gross Weight(KG):73

Environmental analysis

Environmental analysis

Environmental analysis

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Atmospheric particles

Atmospheric particles

Atmospheric particles

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Application of Ion Chromatography in Semiconductor Industry

Clarity chromatographic software operation(1)

Clarity chromatographic software operation(2)

Conductivity detector

Conductivity detector

Self-regenerating suppressor

Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor

Sample injection

Electromagnetic six-way sampling valve

Dual-channel automatic injector

Dual-channel autosampler

High pressure infusion pump (peek)

High pressure infusion pump (peek)

pretreatment column C18 ,RP

SH series pretreatment column

Needle filter

Needle filter

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