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    The number of export countries of SHINE products has reached 74;

    The SHINE 4th Global Distributor Offline Conference was successfully held, inviting distributors from five countries and regions to participate;

    The CIC-D160+ and CIC-D120+ were first exported;

    The number of LinkedIn followers reached 3500;

    SHINE collaborates with Southwest Petroleum University to establish an "Employment Practice Base";

    SHINE Sponsors the 2023 Chinese College Student Chem-E-Car Competition ®;

    SHINE CIC-D300+assists Shandong University's research team in publishing papers in PNAS, ES&T;

    The seminar on the high-quality development of China's ion chromatography industry and the 40th anniversary commemorative event have been successfully held;

    ShineLab Multilingual Version Release;

    Arrange 24 online training sessions, serving 35 countries, with over 300 attendees;

    Participate in 11 offline overseas exhibitions in 2023

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    The number of export countries of SHINE products has reached 68;

    The 3st Virtual SHINE Global Distributor Summit was successfully held.It was jointly organized by China and Switzerland, attracting more than 70 countries worldwide and over 200 agents to participate;

    The CLC-3200 HPLC were first exported;

    The number of LinkedIn followers reached 2000;

    SHINE sponsored the successful hosting of the 6th Sichuan Provincial College Student Chemistry Experiment Competition in 2022;

    20th anniversary of SHINE's establishment;

    SHINE was selected for the Honorary List of "Domestic Good Instruments";

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    The number of export countries of SHINE products has reached 60;

    The 2st Virtual SHINE Global Distributor Summit was successfully held, with a record number and scope of participants;

    The CIC-D150 and CIC-D180 were first exported;

    The number of LinkedIn followers reached 1000;

    SHINE Becomes a Gazelle Enterprise in Shandong Province.

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    SHINE provide PPE products for partners from more than 20 countries during the tough time of COVID19 pandemic;

    New products CIC-D150 and CIC-D180 have been released for overseas market, as the third generation of SHINE IC products

    EU Demo center of SHINE IC has officially completed in Paris, France;

    The first global distributor summit of SHINE has been hold virtually, gathering distributors from more than 50 countries. It’s also the first time to sign agreement online;

    Exporting the first HPLC, which signifies SHINE overseas business transporting from solo Ion chromatography supplier to whole chromatography solution provider;

    SHINE Ion Chromatography system has been exported to 44 countries over the world, covering 5 continents globally.

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    Established Qingyuan Da Special Fund for Public Welfare;

    Became the Academician Expert Workstation;

    Became"the Most Influential Manufacturers in the Science Instrument Industry" in ACCSI 2019;

    Becane one of the Top 500 of Chinese Enterprise Patents;

    Win the BCEIA2019 Gold Award.

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    Manufacturing individual champion cultivates enterprise;

    The most influential instrument manufacturer in 2017 in the scientific instrument industry,ACCSI 2018.

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    Held 15-year anniversary;

    Gained “One-Project Champion of Shandong Manufacturing Industry”;

    Gained “Invisible Champion in Subdivision Field of Qingdao”;

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    Undertook "National  Major  Scientific  Instruments  Development  Project" named "The development and industrialization of multi-functional and high-precision autosampler applied to liquid phase chromatography and mass spectrometry";

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    The D series ion chromatography was put into market;

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    The CIC-160 was put into market;

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    Gained "The National Major Scientific Instruments Development Project" as the first chromatograph manufacturing company 

    The CIC-260 ion chromatography was acquired "Silver Award of Self-dependent Innovation in CISILE 2012";

    Held "The 30th National Ion Chromatography Commemorative Activity" in Qingdao successfully;

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    The CIC-260 was put into market;

    The CIC-300 ion chromatography was acquired "Gold Award of Self-dependent Innovation" in CISILE 2011;  

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    The CIC series of ion chromatography became a part of "AQSIQ 2011 special equipment purchases";

    Built the cooperation with the Domestic Scientific Demonstration Equipment Center; 

    Gained the invention patent of the ion chromatography column;

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    The CIC-300 was put into market and was entitled the "Qingdao High-tech Enterprise";

    Built "The Shenghan Chromatography Train Class" with Beijing Industrial Technological Institute; 

    The series of ion chromatography was awarded the recommended products by China Scientific Instruments Demonstration Center; 

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    Received "SME Technology Innovation Fund" by the Department of National Science and Technology;

    Regarded as "The most growing enterprise in China" by the Standard Chartered Bank;

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    Created “Shenghan - ion chromatography technology innovation” scholarship in China colleges;

    Won the first to the analysis melamine of the raw milk in the analysis competition organized by the Ministry of Science;

    Provide freely the CIC-200 to the disaster area of Sichuan province in 2008, in order to help detect drinking water 

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    The CIC-200 was put into market and we gained the ISO9001 quality management system certification;

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     SHINE was established;

    The CIC-100 Ion Chromatography was formally commercialized;  

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