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Atmosphere on-line ion chromatograph Atmosphere on-line IC Atmosphere on-line IC
Atmosphere on-line IC

    SH-GIC7000 is a full-automatic and intelligent on-line  IC for atmosphere, which can detect anions and cations in TSP, PM2.5, PM10 and dustfall to meet the testing requirements of HJ799-2016 and HJ800-2016.The instrument runs continuously for 24 hours and can work continuously for 20 days after one maintenance. 

    Full plasticized flow system, dual suppression mode, all-weather continuous operation, remote control, remote data transmission and so on make the IC has perfect and advanced solution ability, which brings automatic , intelligent and humanized instrument application experience to users.

Technology Advantage:

  • Anions and cations in particulate matter or gas samples can be simultaneously detected by anion-cation dual-channel method;

  • Various sampling methods and modes can be selected to meet the requirements of gas and particulate matter samples with different particle sizes;

  • Automatic data correction function, testing standard calibration curve  regularly, to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of test data;

  • The instrument is equipped with thermostatic column and highly sensitive bipolar conductivity detector to make data stable and reliable;

  • Special intelligent chromatographic workstation, icon operation interface, parameter setting and data observation are intuitive and convenient, real-time state monitoring in operation, accurate and reliable data processing;

  • Automatic maintenance of equipment, regular self-check of equipment status, automatic cleaning;

  • Remote data transmission can connect the network by wireless/wired way, upload the data to headquarters or server for backup and storage;

  •  Real-time recording of environmental temperature and humidity information makes traceability work has more auxiliary information.

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On-line ion chromatograph for acid rain detection

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