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Conductivity Cell

    The conductance detector continuously detects the conductivity of the eluate by loading voltage on the two electrodes in solution. The patented design of constant temperature conductivity detector can reduce the influence of temperature change, shield electromagnetic interference, increase signal response , and reduce baseline fluctuation and drift. The communication connection is carried out through COM port which is convenient for disassembly.

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Measurement   Range

Output  Voltage

Baseline   Noise

Baseline   Drift

Maximum  Pressure

Cell Volume

0-45000 μS

± 6000 mV

≤ 0.05%FS

≤ 3% FS/30 min

10 MPa

≤ 0. 8μL

Installation of CIC-D260 Ion Chromatograph

Low retention pipette tip

How to Connect OEM Ion Chromatograph

UV-VIS detector

UV-VIS Detector

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