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OEM&Customized service

     Shenghan is a company specializing in manufacturing ion chromatograph and providing ion chromatographic solutions. In the past 20 years, it has provided solutions for more than 4000 users in different industries, and continuously improved the instruments according to the detection demands. In order to meet the diverse requirement of users, Shenghan launched OEM and customized instrument services.

1.OEM products

  • To develop and produce consumables with special uses, materials and sizes, such as chromatographic columns, according to the needs of customers;

  • Products with customer logo and packaging, such as chromatographic column, suppressor, ion chromatograph (CIC-D100, CIC-D120 only).

2. Customized Instruments

      According to the special needs of customers,upgrading the original instruments by adding special parts .

  • Customize professional matching schemes for different brands of IC and Shenghan consumables;

  • lWith the combination of ion chromatography and valve switching technology, sample enrichment, matrix elimination, separation and determination can be achieved in a single flow path;

  • On-line instrumentation devices;

  • To customize the whole series of pretreatment devices for specific samples, so as to make the detection more professional and efficient;

  • According to the usage habits, customize the software functions and improve the automation of detection;

      Please let us know your request through the table below. We are confident to provide you with the required ion chromatograph.

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