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Environmental Analysis

2023-06-13 00:001936

    F-, Cl-, NO2-, SO42-, Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, etc. are the necessary items to be detected in the study of atmospheric quality and rainfall. Ion chromatography (IC) is the most suitable method for the analysis of these ionic substances.

  •     Atmospheric gas sample:Generally use solid absorption tube or absorption liquid to sample.For the analysis of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, it is generally necessary to add appropriate amount of H2O2 in the absorption or extraction solution, oxidize SOto SO42 -, and then determine it by IC method.

  •     Rainfall sample:After sampling, it should be filtered immediately and stored in the refrigerator at 4℃, and analyzed as soon as possible.For the analysis of cations, appropriate acid should be added after sampling.

  •     Particles sample:Environmental samples of a certain volume or time were collected, and 1/4 of the collected sample were cut accurately. The filtered membranes were cut with clean scissors and put into a plastic bottle (polyester PET),deionized water is added, it is extracted by ultrasonic wave, then the volumes were fixed by a volumetric bottle. After the extract is filtered through 0.45µm microporous filter membrane,the it could be analyzed;Natural dust samples were poured into beakers with quantitative deionized water and then extracted by ultrasonic wave, filtered and determined by the above same method.

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