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OEM Product

According to the special needs of customers,upgrading the original instruments by adding special parts .

  • With the combination of ion chromatography and valve switching technology, sample enrichment, matrix elimination, separation and determination can be achieved in a single flow path;

  • To customize the whole series of pretreatment devices for specific samples, so as to make the detection more professional and efficient;

  • According to the usage habits, customize the software functions and improve the automation of detection.

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How to deal with pressure rise of guard column

Ion Exchange Chromatographic Column: Ion Separation

Suppressor operation principle

Internal flow chart of ion chromatograph

Installation of CLC-3200 Liquid Chromatograph

Clarity chromatographic software operation(1)

Installation of CIC-D300+ Ion Chromatograph

How to Activate SHY-A-7 Suppressor

CIC-D300+ Dual-channel Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D180 Ion Chromatograph

Clarity chromatographic software operation(2)

Installation of CIC-D180 Ion Chromatograph

Eluent Generator

SHINE's lasted suppressor

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Ion chromatographic column

Low retention pipette tip

Digital control SPE

Simulated Operation of Portable Ion Chromatograph

How to Install and Use Suppressors

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How to Connect OEM Ion Chromatograph

How to Operate OEM Ion Chromatograph

Install Software and Workstation OEM Product

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler) 1/3

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler)2/3

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler) 3/3

Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters

Onguard CartridgeC18 ,RP

SH Series Onguard Cartridge

Self-regenerating suppressor

Self-regenerating Electrolytic Micro-membrane Suppressor

High Pressure Infusion Pump

High Pressure Infusion Pump

Manual Six-way Injection Valve

Manual Six-way Injection Valve

Eluent generator

Anion Eluent Generator

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