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Qingdao Shenghan Chromatograph Technology Co., Ltd. (SHINE) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of ion chromatography and related accessories. Established in 2002,SHINE has provided perfect solution for the users of more than 4000 different industries so far.



As the largest R & D and manufacturing enterprise of ion chromatograph in China,the members of our R&D team account for more than 40% of total employees, and those with master or doctoral degrees account for more than 70% of the team. In this team, senior engineers such as Zhang Liesheng and Jing Jianzeng developed the first generation ion chromatograph (ZIC-3) in China.

The team undertook more than ten national and municipal projects including National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Projects in 2012, 2013 and 2016, and participated in the formulation of national standards related to ion chromatography in China.



Now we have 3 series of ion chromatograph: laboratory IC, portable IC and on-line IC.It basically satisfies the routine and trace detection of anion and cation ,cyanide, iodide, sugar, small molecule organic acid and so on.Our products are widely used in environmental protection, hydrogeology, petroleum, chemical, food, Pharmacy, health and epidemic prevention, electrical and electronic , scientific research,and many other industries.

In addition, SHINE is the only company in China that can achieve mass production of ion chromatographic columns.



The core components are independently developed and produced by us. The annual capacity of the instrument is 2000 units, the annual capacity of the conductivity cells and suppressors is 4000 units, and the annual capacity of pretreatment columns is 30,000 units . In addition, we have an independent workshop for chromatographic columns with an annual capacity of more than 10000 columns.

In 2018,we become the National Manufacturing Individual Champion Cultivate Enterprises.


Technical Support

SHINE is not only able to provide high-quality products, but also dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional support, services and information for customers. We promise to provide lifetime service before, during and after the use of the instrument. Including sample testing and application consulting services, on-site installation, commissioning, professional maintenance services,instrument operation training ,free software upgrades.And we cooperate with local distributors to provide localization services.

SHINE  sales network covers all provinces, autonomous regions ,municipalities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in China and exported to more than 30 overseas countries and regions such as Belarus, South Korea and India etc.


                                                                                          After-sales service team

Through rapid development, the company ranks first in the Chinese industry in terms of enterprise size, R&D strength and market share, and becoming a leading provider of solutions for ion chromatography.




  Individual Manufacturing Champion in  Shandong  


  The invisible champion of Qingdao Industrial Enterprises  


  High-tech Growth Award  


  Chinese Quality and Credit Enterprises  


  High-tech Enterprises  


  Famous Trademark Certificate 


  Qingdao Famous Brand  


  Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Company  


  Award for Excellent  Achievements in Scientific and Technological  


  National Certificate of Achievement in Scientific and Technological  



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Development of Ion Chromatography Technology in China