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Ion Chromatograph

The CIC-D160+ ion chromatograph is more intelligent, stable, and accurate in performance, and can perform suppression or non suppression conductivity detection. As an upgraded version of CIC-D160, it has a built-in eluent generator. If equipped with an autsampler and ShineLab software, it can achieve 24-hour unmanned injection. At the same time, multiple configuration modes can meet the needs of customers with small sample volumes for single machine use.

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(1) Built-in eluent generator,which generate eluent of hydroxide or methanesulfonic acid  online, can achieve isocratic or gradient elution.

(2) The suppressor and the column have real-time monitoring functions to ensure timely replacement of consumables ,It can ensure the stability and accuracy of instrument operation.

(3) The software has a baseline deduction function and filtering algorithm to effectively remove baseline drift and low baseline noise caused by gradient elution.

(4) It has the functions of pressure alarm, liquid leakage alarm, and washing liquid alarm, which can protect the safe operation of the instrument in real time, and alarm and shut down when liquid leakage occurs.

(5) Auto-range conductivity detector, which directly expands the ppb-ppm concentration range signal without adjusting the range.

(6) Gas-liquid separator, which can effectively remove the impact of bubbles on the test.

(7) The instrument can be started up in advance according to the settings, and the operator can directly test at the unit.

(8) Built-in vacuum degasser to remove bubble interference in the eluent, making testing more stable. 

CIC-D160+ Ion Chromatograph

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