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On-line Combustion IC

CIC-3200 on-line combustion ion chromatograph is composed of four modules: autosampler, combustion unit,  absorption unit and ion chromatography. The system is completely designed and manufactured by SHINE. It has the  characteristics of high intelligence, humanized instrument design, simple software operation, easy learning and high  cost performance. It fully meets the needs of users in universities, research institutes, electronic and electrical,  electronic materials, non-ferrous metals, mining and metallurgy, nuclear systems, geology and other fifields

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Automatic sampling: 23-position disc automatic sampler, easy to use and excellent reliability; The cup type sampling  boat is more convenient for adding samples, which can eFfectively avoid accidents such as gas blowing into the  combustion tube; 

Automatic sample retention: there is a disc-type automatic sample retention device on the top of the absorption unit,  which corresponds to the position of the sample injector one by one. After absorption, the sample will be automatically sucked into the sample retention bottle to meet the requirements of retest and traceability; 

Oxygen purging design: the front of the combustion pipe is equipped with purging oxygen pipeline, which can blow  the unburned ash back to the combustion area to ensure full combustion; 

Enrichment function: it can connect the enrichment column to enrich the ions to be tested and improve the accuracy  of the detection results;

Base elimination: can effectively eliminate the interference of hydrogen peroxide base for analysis; 

Peltier cooling module: the minimum temperature can reach 5 ℃, which can fully cool the high-temperature gas and  increase the absorption efficiency

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler) 1/3

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler)2/3

Installation of TOC Analyzer (Including Autosampler) 3/3

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