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on-line combustion  ion chromatograph
On-line combustion IC

    The on-line combustion IC integrates combustion furnace , gas absorption and ion chromatography analysis . It combines pretreatment with detection process perfectly to provides a simple and reliable method for simultaneous on-line detection of halogen and sulfur in solid and liquid samples, which greatly expands the application field of IC.

    The on-line combustion IC overcomes the shortcomings of traditional off-line pyrolysis methods. Samples can automatically enter into the on-line combustion system for qualitative and quantitative analysis, which greatly improves the analysis flux of samples. The whole combustion and absorption process are automatically completed by software control without any manual intervention. Without introducing internal standard, it simplifies the sample analysis process, avoids the introduction of pollution, and ensures the accuracy and stability of the analysis results.

Technology Advantage:

  • Completing qualitative and quantitative analysis of halogens and sulfur in combustible samples at the same time;

  • Intelligent program control,  can self-help complete sample analysis ;

  • Precise liquid and gas control module to ensure full sample combustion and good reproducibility of methods;

  • Built-in storage module, tailor-made special sample program upgrade package for customers;

  • Unique design of pyrolysis water preheating and special quartz burning tube ensure the pyrolysis is complete,lasting and safe ;

  • Modular design, combined SHINE independent R&D technology with  foreign technology, ensures the reliability of the results.

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On-line ion chromatograph for acid rain detection

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