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Portable Ion Chromatograph

Portable IC  not only keeps the accuracy of laboratory IC, but also makes up for the application defects of laboratory IC with the characteristics of portable, on-site and rapid detection.

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1.Powerful data processing system

Iconic display, customizable interface, integration of instrument control, data analysis and processing,data sharing module for on-site and remote data sharing through 4G network;

2.Quick  columns for 5-min rapid detection

Original quick columns for on-site quick detection of anions and cations;

3.Intelligent flow path cleaning makes easier cleaning

The flow path is designed with a switching valve for free switch of eluent bottles and pure water bottles;

4.WIFI communication, real-time operation

Being equipped with a tablet/laptop makes real-time operation more flexible and convenient;

5.Upgrade-supported dual detectors(conductivity detector and amperometric detector) to meet the needs of different industries.

SH-AC-19 Anion Column

SH-AC-19 Anion Column

microbore anion column  2.1*200mm

SH-AC-20 Anion Column

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