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External column heater

Column Heater is an essential part to HPLC/IC. To achieve the desired analysis effect, correctly manages column’s temperature,improves the column’s efficiency, sensitivity, improves distances among chromatogram peaks, saves time, lowers reverse pressure- all are essential elements to a high quality operation.

Technology advantage:

  • lflexible placement:two-in-one placement design -- vertical and horizontal

  • laccurate temperature controlling and display:4-digits LED temperature set and display makes the temperature controlling accuracy to  +0.1℃。

  • lquick installation:magnetic heating chamber and its lid

  • lconvenient observation :the glass window on the heating chamber can make you observe the working status of heating column easily

  • lsafe anti-leaking design:when in vertical placement, leakage box under the heating chamber prevents further leakage

  • lflexible fixation :stainless-steel spring column bracket in heating chamber, one or two columns can be placed when replace the bracket

  • lunhindered tubing channels:the tube’s inlet and outlet of the heating chamber is with smooth transition to ensure it passes through easily

  • lstable column under pan:when needed, connect the attached wide under pan with the column heater to increase the stability in vertical placement 

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1.Temp. range:      ambient~100℃ or ambient~150℃

2.Constant temp. error:  better than +0.5℃

3.Absolute accuracy:  better than +0.5℃(under 50℃)(+0.1℃ when corrected by user)

4.Accuracy of temp. setting: 0.1℃

5.Temp. display:      4-digits actual temperature LED display(red)

                                 4-digits set temperature LED display(green)

6.Heating power:      150W

7.Power source:      220V+10%/50HZ

8.Outfit dimension:  64mmW×110mmD×486mmH

9.Dimension of constant temp. chamber: 44mmW×33mmD×360mmH

SH-AC-4 anion column

SH-AC-4 anion column

CIC-D100 Ion Chromatograph

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SH-CC-3 cation column

SH-CC-4 cation column

SH-CC-4 cation column

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