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Autosampler(Single / Dual Channel)

SHA-16 is a universal autosampler, which uses the most advanced sampling technology to achieve rapid sampling and rapid rinsing.It uses an efficient and multi-solvent needle-washing procedure to completely eliminate the residual sample, and the sample can be really cooled at 4 C. The SHA-16 is compact in design, superimposable at the top of the instrument, and its performance is incomparable. It is the best companion of the ion chromatography system.

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Valve :PEEK version 6p/2pos

Needle:  Coated needle15µL

Buffer Tubing:  1000 µL

Loop Volume :100 µL PEEK

Syringe :500 µL

Sample Capacity :2 x 96 well plates

                            2 x 384 well plates

                            2 x 48 standard (1.5 mL) vial positions:

                            2 x 12 prep (10 mL) vial positions

                            1 x 84 standard (1.5 mL) vial positions & 3 prep (10 mL) vial positions

Injection Cycle Time:  17 sec,38 sec incl. wash

Injection Methods:Full loop injection(RSD <= 0.3%)

                            Partial loop injection(RSD <= 0.5%)

                            µL pick up injection(RSD <= 1%)

                            Carry-over:  < 0.05%

Software: Clarity

Intelligent Model: Cooling

Other Versions: Dual-channel autosampler

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