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Dual-channel Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D260 is a third-generation dual-channel ion chromatograph developed by SHINE. The product adopts HDI intelligent technology and is equipped with 100% self-developed core components. While improving detection efficiency, it can also provide users with an unprecedented operating experience.

Whether you are engaged in environmental monitoring, food analysis, chemical production or Drug development and quality analysis, CIC-D260 can meet your practical needs with excellent performance and reliable stability

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  • Dual-channel design, allows for simultaneous detection of anions and cations;

  • The compact exterior design can improve the space utilization rate of the laboratory;

  • The newly designed bipolar pulse detector directly expands the ppb-ppm concentration range signal without the need to adjust the range;

  • Intelligent alarm system. Leakage alarm, residual eluent alarm, low pressure alarm and high pressure alarm;

  • Real time monitoring of consumables usage, with clear status at a glance;

  • The gas-liquid separator can effectively eliminate the impact of bubbles on the system;

  • Wider usage scenarios, in addition to traditional CD detectors, can also be combined with detectors such as ECD, UV, DAD, ICP-OES. AFS, MS, etc. The scenario is beyond your imagination.

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