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Portable Ion Chromatograph

The portable ion chromatograph is a portable instrument suitable for laboratory and on-site multi-scene detection. It is small in size and light in weight. The whole body is fixed in the three-prevention box (waterproof, anti-corrosion and dustproof) for easy carrying; The water and electricity separation design can effectively prevent the circuit from being damaged due to the leakage of the eluent, and greatly improve the safety and reliability of the instrument; The concept of uninterruptible power supply can ensure that the instrument will not be troubled by the battery power and give customers the ultimate use experience. This instrument, combined with Shinelab intelligent workstation developed by SHINE, can not only test the intelligent control of various functional parts of the instrument, but also has powerful data processing function.

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1.Be able to adapt to multiple application scenarios;

2.The water and electricity separation design can effectively prevent the circuit from being damaged due to the leakage of washing liquid;

3.The concept of uninterrupted power supply allows the instrument to replace the standby battery without power failure during operation, which can ensure that the instrument is not troubled by battery power;

4.The database language workstation can realize the instrument control, data acquisition and processing under the same interface, and the data security is guaranteed. The Bluetooth printer can also be selected to print the report on site;

5.The instrument is equipped with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard as standard, which is convenient for users to use;

6.It can be equipped with a portable eluent generator to realize gradient elution, or a portable autosampler;

7.Inhalation sampling design: it can greatly reduce the pollution caused by the traditional injection port and the incomplete cleaning of the syringe, and also reduce the amount of syringe. Users no longer need to carry a large number of syringes to the site, reduce the generation of test waste, and comply with the concept of green chemistry.

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