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Aerosol Photometer

Q-6010 Aerosol photometer is designed base on Mie scatter principle, which is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter. The instrument conforms to related national and industry standard, could realize rapid detection of upstream and downstream concentration detection and real-time display leakage on the host and handheld device, and could find leaking position rapidly and accurately. It is applicable to leakage detection of clean room, VLF bench, biosafety cabinet, glove box, HEPA vacuum cleaner, HVAC system, HEPA filter, negative pressure filtering system, operating theatre, nuclear filter system, collection protect filter.


GMP Factory and device

ISO14644-3:2005 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments—Part 3:Test methods GB 50591-2010  Code for construction and acceptance of cleanroom

YY0569-2005 Biosafety cabinet

NSF49-2002 Biosafety cabinet


Long life laser light source;

Detected by high precision photomultiplier; Support PAO and DOP multiple aerosol type; Pixel and matrix colored display

Equipped special handheld device, realize control, display and sampling function; Large capacity data storage, real-time save sampling data;

Automatic light and voice alarm after exceeding set value;

Support export historical data to USB flash disk or print with thermal printer; Real-time print detection data like leakage and so on;

Sampling data could be imported to PC via special software; Automatic failure detection and protection.

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The Main Parameters

Parameter Range

Maximum Permitted Error(MPE)

Sampling flow



Concentration detection rage


Leakage detection


Detection precision

0.01%~100% resolution is 1%

Detection repeatability

0.01%~100% resolution is 0.5%

Data storage capacity

1000 groups

Power adapter

Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz Out put DC24V 6.67A

Host size

(Length 380×width 400×height 170)mm

Overall weight

About 8kg

Overall power consumption


Aerosol Generator

Aerosol Generator

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