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Aerosol Photometer

Q-6012 Aerosol photometer is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter. According to the principle of light scattering, it is portable, yet rugged for in-situ filtration system integrity testing.

The instrument conforms to NSF49 /1 EST / ISO14644-3, could realize rapid detection of upstream and downstream concentration detection and real-time display leakage on the host and handheld device, and could find leaking position rapidly and accurately.


NSF/ANSI 49-2019 Biosafety cabinetry

ISO14644-3:2005 Cleanrooms and associated controlled

environments—Part 3:Test methods Code for design of clean workshop

GB 50073-2013

Code for construction and acceptance of cleanrooml

GB 50591-2010 GMP

Factory and device Biosafety cabinet YY0569-2005 JJF 1815-2020

Calibration specification for class II biosafety cabinet


Powerful function:

Stable digital photometer

Good human-computer interaction:

5.0 -inch color screen , touch operation;

Lightweight, portable and equipped with suitcase, easy to carry;

The handheld device is equipped for hard to reach areas, easy to control, display and sample;

Built-in battery ((optional) >3.5H;

Data query:

USB & Printer available for real-time reporting;

Audit Tracing & assign permissions to users, further guarantee data integrity;

Sampling data can be imported to PC;

Automatic reminder:

When exceed the set value, light & voice alarm;

Inform you to replace the high efficiency filter;

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Sampling flowrate

28.3L/min ±2.5%

Dynamic Range

(0.0001 〜700) Hg/L

Leakage detection

0.0001% 〜100%


1% of readings > 0.01% to 100%


0.5% of readings > 0.01% to 100%

Data storage

100000 groups

Environment temperature

(10-35) °C

Environment humidity

5%-85% (No condensations No icing)

Storage requirements

(-10-40) °C

No condensation when relative humidity lower than 85%.

Aerosol Generator

Aerosol Generator

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