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Parallel Nitrogen Blowing Concentrator

Parallel Nitrogen Blowing Concentrator makes the operational process much more automatic and humanized. It can deal with large sample simultaneously, protect environment, and adopt high degree of automation. This instrument can achieve the demand of high-end sample preparation.

Technology Advantage

7” touch screen. The real-time display shows the temperature and pressure.

Nitrogen flow rate and pressure are adjustable. With top and front transparent window.

Vortex-type blowing can slow down the air flow and avoid splash.

Magnetic valve and valve stopper control gas circuit.

The exhaust system can vent the high temperature vapor safely and timely, and thereby avoids reflux condensation.

Thanks to the intelligent quick connector, it is easy to change the water of tank. 

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A/B Type

Maximum volume of test tube is 200mL.

Delayed blowing function (0~99min) can concentrate sample to nearly dry.

Thanks to water exceed-limit alarm, to prevent dry-boiling.  

Built-in water bath circulation system offers much higher accuracy.

Advanced optical fiber sensor controls the sample to 1ml or 0.5ml, and automatic power off and alarm.

The nitrogen will be automatically blown after the temperature achieved the setting value. 

Parallel nitrogen blowing concentrator

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Parallel Nitrogen Blowing Concentrator

Parallel Nitrogen Blowing Concentrator

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