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Digital Control SPE

Digital control SPE supports the every step of whole experiment of solid phrase extraction. It adopts digital control pump to offer constant positive/negative pressure to each SPE column. Every liquid will be injected into column on a certain flow rate which is according to the standard analytical program. Target analyte will be efficiently extracted and the column will be transfered to the elution rack, uniformly eluted on positive pressure, which can avoid cross contamination.

Technology Advantage

  • Touch screen controls flow rate, rotating speed, time accuately.

  • Elution methods could be stored. 

  • Supporting large-volume and possitive-pressure elution. 

  • Rapidly adjust flow rate through speed knob.

  • With good consistency, easy to control and adjust

  • Electircal test tube rack. 

  • Silicone pipes and ETFE column connectors have good resistance of acid, alkali, organic solvent, oxidizing agent.

  • High throughput. Up to 8 samples can be processed synchronously which enhances the working efficiency.

  • With good leakproofness and stability, rotate speed and flow speed present good linear relationship.

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Total power:200W

Channel Number:8

Flow Rate:0.1-7.0mL/min

Timing range:0-99min


Installation of CLC-3200 Liquid Chromatograph

Digital control SPE

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