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Electromagnetic Six-way Sampling Valve

    VF-02 Electromagnetic six-way injection valve is an electrically driven automatic injection valve. It uses stepping motor to control position switching of valve. It has compact structure and superior performance. Both automatic and manual can be used independently and can be used as automatic sampling valves in chromatographic industry or as flow path switching valves. The space occupancy is small and the connection and control are made from the front side,which is convenient to install and use. The contact material of medium is peek, which can minimize the ion pollution. The ceramic seal improves the life of the sealing ring up to 100 thousand times.

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Valve Switching   Mode

Maximum   Pressure

Outer Diameter   of Tube

Rotor Sealing   Material

Contact   Material of Medium

Drive Power  Supply


Stepping   motor




peek/ceramic   /stainless steel



24V DC

How does the six-way injection valve work

Manual Six-way Injection Valve

Manual Six-way Injection Valve

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Electromagnetic Six-way Sampling Valve

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