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The SH-AD-100 auto-diluter is a basic sample dilution preparation instrument. Only input the concentration of the mother solution and the required standard solution concentration and volume, and place the mother solution and pure water in place. The instrument can automatically calculate and dilute up to 9 different concentrations of standard solutions, with a dilution ratio of up to 1000 times. It provides standard samples for subsequent instruments such as IC, LC, LC/MS, and provides services for preparing standard curves, replacing traditional manual preparation. This not only frees up hands, but also saves personnel and time costs, And it can greatly improve the accuracy and stability of the analysis results.

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New metering pump: The metering pump can suction and discharge simultaneously, with higher efficiency and better dilution accuracy compared to traditional injection pumps, making control more convenient.

Control algorithm: By using a two-dimensional matrix algorithm, the inherent physical errors of the metering pump can be avoided. Based on user input data, suitable parameters can be automatically matched, with a theoretical accuracy of up to 3/10000.

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