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Chromatography Software

ShineLab is a chromatography software independently developed by SHINE, is supported on Windows 7 and above.

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Comply with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11/GMP/GLP and other regulations on user authority management, electronic signature, audit trail, backup and restore.

With baseline deduction function and filtering algorithm, effectively remove baseline drift caused by gradient elution. 

Built-in virtual column technology to quickly explore chromatography conditions. 

All operation information during instrument operation is stored in the database to ensure the integrity and reliability of data traceability.

Automatic identification of instrument failure, instrument leakage, over pressure, abnormal data, etc. 

Powerful data analysis capability, realizing efficient sequence setting, acquisition, automatic integration correction and other functions. 

The analysis method can be imported with one click to synchronize the corresponding analysis conditions and operation parameters, greatly improving the analysis efficiency. 

Perfect compatibility and control of SHINE IC, HPLC, AFS and other analytical instruments. 

Real time control of pump pressure, temperature, rinsing solution concentration, suppressor current and other operating parameters. 

The graphical software operation interface can display the running status of the instrument in real time. 

A variety of interface styles are available, giving you an efficient and simple experience.

ShineLab Software Installation and Login

ShineLab Software Setup Method and Sequence

ShineLab Software Integrate and Create Calibration Curve

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