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HPLC System

HPLC  is  the  most  widely  used  analytical  instrument.  Most  laboratories  are equipped with  HPLC to  meet the  analysis  needs  of different  chemical Facing  allkinds of  high  performance  liquid chromatograph on the  market,how to choose aproduct that can not only meet their own detection needs,but alsohas ultra-high cost performance has become a concern and headache for many users.If you are still hesitant, you can try this CLC-3200 HPLC.

CLC-3200   HPLC  is  a  cost-effective  liquid  chromatograph  specially  built  for different users by SHINE, which has focused on chromatography for 20 years. With the intelligent software ShineLab, it will give you an extraordinary experience.

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1.With multi solvent management system, each flow path is equipped with two flows.

2.The mobile phase can be switched by one key as required.

3.Binary   pump   precise   infusion,   combined   with   micro  volume   mixer,   with outstanding.

4.The  higher  gradient  accuracy  and  stability,and  the  smaller  the delay volume,simple maintenance.

5.Wide area temperature control column temperature box, up to 65  ℃   stable temperature control, data Good reproducibility.

6.With automatic injector, get rid of the trouble of manual injection, 24 hours Continuous sample injection to complete the test data faster.

7.With manual injector, it is the best choice for ultra-high cost performance, Suitable for testing a small number of samples.

8.It is suitable for all detectors and can be combined with mass spectrometry.          

9.The test items are matched randomly, which is suitable for detectors and meets various conventional requirements analyze requirements.

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HPLC System

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