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Automatic Clinical Microbial Mass Spectrometry

The new generation MALDI-TOF-MS with wide mass range (10-1000000 Da) detection ability still has high sensitivity in high mass region (especially when the molecular weight is greater than 400000 Da).

Tailored for clinical applications:Revolutionary improvement of MALDI-TOF MS sensitivity, reproducibility, detection time and accuracy.

Technology Advantage

One device can identify viruses, bacteria and fungi;

The detection cycle is short, and 96 samples can be detected in 10 minutes. It features fast data processing without wait-ing;

High reproducibility without frequent calibration, CV < 3%;

The data acquisition and analysis are completed with one key, and the sample pretreatment is simple, time-saving and labor-saving;

5000Hz semiconductor laser is free for replacement, reagent cost is low and with no special consumables.

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