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Diode Array Detector(DAD)
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190-640 nmWavelength range: 190-640 nm

Light source: deuterium lamp

4.8 nmSpectral bandwidth: 4.8 nm

±1 nmWavelength accuracy: ±1 nm

±1.0×10-5 AU(JJG)±0.6×10-5 AU(ASTM)

0.5×10-3  AU/HrDrift: 0.5×10-3 AU/Hr

0.1 nmWavelength accuracy: 0.1 nm

>2.0AU (ASTM)Noise: ±1.0×10-5 AU (JJG) ±0.6×10-5 AU (ASTM)

Maximum sampling rate: 12 channels, 100Hz; full spectrum, 100Hz

1200PSIPressure resistance of flow cell: 1200PSI

10mmOptical path of flow cell: 10mm

2×10-8 g/mLMinimum detection concentration: 2×10-8 g/mL

12ulVolume of flow cell: 12ul

Wavelength calibration: characteristic peak of mercury lamp and built-in holmium oxide filter

Installation of CLC-3200 Liquid Chromatograph

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