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HPLC Conductivity Detector

The conductivity detector is equipped with temperature controlled  bipolar conductivity detector, which can create excellent sensitivity and  stability for inhibition or non inhibition chromatography. With the help  of the automatic range technology developed by SHINE, the peak can  be detected while the concentration difffference is 100000 times. It can  match with LC from every manufacturer and other equipment.

Conductivity Detector for HPLC Systems

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Minimum Detectable Concentration:Cl- ≤0.0005μg/ml ; Li+≤0.0005μg/ml

Baseline Noise:≤0.001μs/cm 

Baseline Draft:≤0.01μs/cm

Instrument Linearity :≥0.999

Qualitative repeatability :≤0.5%

Quantitative repeatability :≤0.5%

Detection Range :0~15000μs/cm

Detection Resolution :0.0020ns/cm 

Dead Volume :≤0.8μL

Constant Temperature Range : Ambient Temperature +5℃~60℃ 

Control Accuracy :+0.01℃

Sampling Frequency :10HZ

Electrode :Bipolar Pulse

Wetted Material :SUS316,Teflon,PEEK

Voltage Range: -6000mv~+6000mv

Trigger Mode :High and low level or relay output

Communication Interface: RS232

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