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Disc Autosampler

SHA-9 autosampler is an upgraded version of SHA-7, with more sample digits. It is a basic disc autosampler, and the operation is very simple. The sample tray adopts open design and can be observed directly. The large capacity sample tube can be fully cleaned to improve the analysis accuracy.

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1.76 position injection tray, which can load more samples to realize continuous mass injection, and the sample position can be specified;

2.Adapt a single sample bottle of 13ml to meet the needs of large injection volume;

3.Switch the inner and outer circles of the disc through the steering gear to improve the number of sample injection;

4.The needle washing pure water bottle is set in the center of the disc, which does not need to add needle washing liquid frequently. The needle washing operation will be carried out every time the injection position is changed;

5.It is perfectly matched with liquid chromatography and ion chromatograph, and easy to operate.



Sample tray style

Disc type


13mL×76 (75 Sample + 1 needle washing position)

Maximum injection volume


Injection mode

Full quantitative loop injection

Injection reproducibility

Full quantitative loop injection RSD<0.25%

Instrument characteristics

High analysis accuracy and durability

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