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Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

QKD-3000 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is designed primarily for Kjeldahl analysis, which is widely applied to the test of Protein/Nitrogen content in grain and oils, drink, fodder, soil, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy and residuals as well as the test of ammonium salt, volatile fatty acids or alkali in chemical products.

Brand new long-service-life design, advanced computer intelligent control, colored liquid crystal touch screen operation, and Chinese menu-driven interface with man-machine conversation functionality are integrated in the design of SKD-1000. It is capable of automatically accomplishing a series of standard processes including the input of sample’s weight, adding acid, alkali and diluents, distillation, titration and printing. Replacing traditional complex potentiometry and simplex colorimetry, titration judged by international standard color method is employed, which guarantees the accuracy, performance and operation of the instrument. It has several proprietary intellectual property rights and patents and some technologies initiate in China and have reached advanced level internationally.

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Distillation range: 0.1-240mgN

Distillation time: 3-8mins/sample

Distillation capacity: 15-30ml/min (adjustable)

Titration accuracy: 0.15%, unlimited titration without pumpback by syringe pump

Reproducibility: RSD  <0.5%

Recovery rate: >99.5%

Date Programme Storage: 1000 batches (unlimited with Software)

Reagent pump volumes: 0-150ml, 1ml/grade

Delay time: 0-1800s (suitable for detecting nitrate nitrogen)

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