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Kjeldahl Analyzer

QKD-400 Kjeldahl Analyzer is designed primarily for Kjeldahl analysis, which is widely applied to the fields of food processing, environmental monitoring, agriculture,teaching and quality supervision so as to test the Protein/Nitrogen content in cereal, fodder, water, soil, tobacco, livestock, solid manure and so on, as well as the test of ammonium salt, alkali in chemical products.

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Working mode: Automatically distill, add alkali/acid and store data

Sample capacity: Solid<6g  Liguid<16ml

Distilationspeed: 3-8mins/sample

Measuring range: 0.1-240mg N

Display mode:LED digital display

Alkali/Acid addition time:0-99secs

Distillation time: 0-99seconds

Distillation capacity:>25ml/min

Distillation power: 1500W

Storage capacity: ten batches

Recovery rate:>99.5%

Distillate temperature and water level real-time monitor: preventing steam bottle boiled away

Overvoltage protection: Yes

Repetition rate: 0.5%

Humanized operation: Emergency stopping functionality

Material of shell: ABS, strong acid/alkali resistant, preventing electric leakage

Material of pipes: specially pipes by Peiou, corrosion-free material and alkali/acid resistant to ensure long lifetime.

Accessories: Mainframe Liquid collecting bottle(one), Alkali bucket(one), Distilled water bucket(one), Cleaning water bucket(one)

Power supply: AC220V 10% 50Hz

Water supply: water pressure >0.15Mpa, temperature ofwater<20`C

Net weight: 15kg


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