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Deuterium lamp

The principle mainly depends on plasma discharge, which means that the deuterium lamp is always in a stable arc state of deuterium element (D2 or heavy hydrogen). 

The deuterium lamp emits a continuous spectral range of 180-400nm in the ultraviolet band. Because of its stable energy output, the deuterium lamp can be used as the light source of high-precision analyzer. 

Compatible with Agilent/Waters/Hitachi/Shimadzu/Thermo/Beckman/Gilson/Sykam HPLC,HPCE,AAS,UV- VIS.

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The deuterium lamp is often used for:
1. High pressure liquid chromatograph(HPLC)
    HPLC detectors likes UV detector, Diode array detectors

2. Thin layer chromatography(TLC)
    Thin layer choromatography

3.High precision capillary electrophoresis instrument (HPCE)
    High precision capillary electrophoresis instrument

4. Atomic absorption spectrometer(AAS)
   Atomic absorption spectrometer

5. Ultraviolet spectrophotometer(UV- VIS)
    UV VIS Spectrophotometer

6. Environmental monitoring equipment

7. Film thickness measurement

8. Semiconductor inspection

Suggestions of D2 lamp application :

1.Do not touch the deuterium lamp directly by hand, because the surface temperature of deuterium lamp can reach about 400 ºC. The oil stain on the shell of deuterium lamp will be permanently sintered on the surface of deuterium lamp, which will seriously affect the emission intensity and service life of deuterium lamp.
2.The radiation light of deuterium lamp shall not irradiate the skin for a long time, especially the eyes, so as to avoid burns to the eyes. The service life of deuterium lamp is also related to the quality of its power supply.
3. The deuterium lamp which has not been used for a long time should be ignited regularly for 30 minutes and then placed in a dry place.

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