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Mobile Collection Nucleic Acid Iolation Cabin


1. Disinfection is simple and convenient. 

UV disinfection can self disinfect the collection station before work, and ensure sterility and hygiene.

2. After collection, only put the medical gloves in the disinfectant to disinfect, greatly reducing the frequency and time of disinfection, which is conducive to collecting more people in a short time.

3. Internal and external pressure difference. 

The internal pressure of the collection station is kept higher than the external positive pressure, which can prevent the splashes from entering the internal without disinfecting the internal every time.

4. Collect through gloves. 

Medical staff can extend their hands into special gloves to collect samples, and observe through visible quarantine glass. After collection, the samples are directly placed in the number box, so as to greatly reduce the contact area and avoid the infection caused by touch and breath.

5. Convenient and movable detection. 

Through the assembly design, the collection station can be quickly disassembled and packed for transportation. The four rolling wheels at the bottom help to move and transfer to the designated work place, and greatly improve the detection efficiency

6. Indoor temperature can be adjusted and air conditioning equipment can be installed

7. Anti virus and high efficiency air filtration system, change the fresh air in the cabin at any time

8. LED light is set inside to facilitate the nucleic acid sampling of medical staff at night

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Application Scenario
1. Hospitals and testing institutions
Doctors and nurses can sample patients without wearing heavy protective clothing, so that they can be protected during virus sampling.

2. Expressway toll gate
The staff can complete the non-contact sampling without wearing protective clothing. The sampled personnel directly drive the vehicle to the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation cabin, and can complete the sampling without getting off the vehicle, which is safe and convenient.

3. Airport, high-speed railway bus station
In an important traffic hub with dense traffic flow, it's very inconvenient and tiring for the staff to wear thick heavy and sultry protective clothing for a long time. The mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation cabin can provide a safe and fresh environment. The staff stand in the isolation box to complete nucleic acid sampling, information registration and other work.

4. Gathering performance or assembly
Due to the concentration of personnel, in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone, a large number of personnel need to be taken nucleic acid sampling before the performance. The staff who use the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation cabin can take non-contact nucleic acid sampling to avoid the risk of infection and improve the sampling efficiency.

Note: according to the needs of customers, other configurations can be added inside the isolation cabin. Different configurations and different prices require customized instruments!

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Mobile collection nucleic acid iolation cabin

Mobile Collection Nucleic Acid Iolation Cabin

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