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Fluorescence real-time PCR

It can be applied to multiple areas of basic research in medicine and biology, such as early clinical diagnosis of diseases, pathogen detection, tumor-related genes and drug resistance genes detection, gene expression levels in tissues or cells, transgenic animal and plant testing.

Technology advantage

  • Monitor and display fluorescence changes in real time;

  • Equipped with an excellent temperature control system to ensure accurate, uniform temperature control and rapid ramp rate;

  • Simultaneous detection of 4/6 fluorescence;

  • Suitable for a variety of scientific and clinical reagents;

  • Suitable fordye-based assays and Taqman assays;

  • Suitable for common PCR tubes, eight-row tubes, 96-well plates, etc. , 0.1ml volume is recommended.

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Sample capacity

0.2ml PCR tubes×96, 8×12 PCR plate or 96 well plate ×1

Reaction volume

10-50 μl

Thermal cycle technology


Max. Heating/Cooling rate

6.0° C/s

Heating temperature range

4 – 100 °C

Temperature accuracy

± 0.2°C

Temperature uniformity

±0.2℃ @60℃ ,  ±0.2℃ @95℃

Temperature gradient setting range


Temperature gradient difference setting range

1 – 36 °C

Detection system

Excitation light source

4* monochrome high efficiency LEDs

Detection device


Detection mode

Time-resolved signal separating technology

Excitation/detection wavelength range


Fluorescent channels

4 channels

Supported dye




Cy5®/Quasar® 670


Single copy gene


1.33 folds copy number difference can be distinguished in single-plex qPCR

Dynamic range

10 orders of magnitude copies

Analysis mode

Absolute quantification, Melting curve analysis, Endpoint fluorescence analysis

Data output

Original file, Excel data file, results include run settings, graph and tabular data results 

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