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Common problems


1.The concentration of the eluent is not proper.

Solution: Choose proper concentration .

2.The flow rate of the eluentis too high.

Solution: Choose proper flow rate of the eluent.

3.Using samples with excessive concentration

Solution: Dilute the sample.

4.Column is contaminated .

Solution: Regenerate or replace the column.


1.The injection volume of the sample is not constant.

Solution: Inject sample at the volume more than 10 times of the quantitative ring volume to ensure full injection.

2.The concentration of injected sample is improper.

Solution: Select proper concentration of injected sample.

3.The reagent is impure.

Solution: Replace the reagent.

4.Foreign substances exist in the deionized water.

Solution: Replace the deionized water.

5.The flow changes.

Solution: Find out the reasons of such changes and adjust it to the original condition.

6.The flow route is blocked.

Solution: find out the blocked place, repair or make replacement.


1. The reagent is not pure.

Solution: Replace reagents.

2. Deionized water contains impurities.

Solution: Replace deionized water.


1. Incorrect installation of conductivity cell.

Solution: Re-install the conductivity cell.

2. Conductivity conductivity cell is damaged.

Solution: Replace the conductivity cell.

3. The pump has no output solution.

Solution: Check the pressure indication to confirm whether the pump works.


1.Standard solution is contaminated, especially low-concentration samples.

Solution: Re-prepare the solution.

2.Deionized water is impure.

Solution: replace the deionized water.

3.The concentration of the sample is too high or too low, out of the linear range of the device.

Solution: Choose proper range of concentration.


Poor contact of the electrodes.

Solution: replace the power cord or constant current power supply.

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