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Oil Content Analyzer

OL680 oil content analyzer is used in laboratory. It is a special infrared spectrophotometer developed to determine the content of oil, Petroleum, animal and vegetable oil in water, soil and waste gas.

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● Instrument Qualification: Instrument has Certificate of Approval for Metering Instrument Type.

●Beautiful appearance, ABS engineering plastic chassis, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

●High-throughput optical system, integrated optical path design, short optical path, large energy, small instrument volume, light weight, first spectroscopy and then absorption, in accordance with the requirements of infrared spectroscopy characteristics, good stability, high signal-to-noise ratio.

●The use of electrically modulated light source reduces the heat intensity of the light source and is conducive to heat dissipation of the system. The life of the light source can reach more than 5000 hours. At the same time, the instrument structure is simplified and the instrument stability is improved due to the absence of mechanical cutting moving parts.

●The grating is controlled by precise stepper motor, which has the function of wavelength correction, high wavelength accuracy and good repeatability.

●Unique design of colorimetric cell can be applied to any colorimetric dish from 0.5 to 5 cm. 

●The instrument can be calibrated either with standard curves or with correction coefficients to meet different customer needs.

●Automatic positioning of measuring wavelength with mechanical and optical double calibration system and automatic calibration of wavenumber at 2930cm-1, 2960cm-1 and 3030cm-1 with appropriate concentration oil standard sample eliminate the influence of human factors, accurately measure the absorbance and maximize the stability of the instrument.

● The special data processing system is suitable for both tetrachloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride systems, and can be used for infrared spectrophotometry using solvents such as S-316 as extractant. Qualitative method is infrared characteristic absorption spectrogram. The infrared spectrogram can be scanned continuously during the measurement, which can clearly distinguish the structure of various oils and thus accurately distinguish interferences.  

●Ethylene tetrachloride purity detection function: with dry 4cm empty quartz colorimetric dish as reference, determine tetrachloroethylene with 4cm quartz colorimetric dish between 2800 cm-1 and 3100 cm-1. Absorption at 2930 cm-1, 2960 cm-1 and 3030 cm-1  should not exceed 0.34, 0.07 and 0 respectively. The analysis software automatically gives the qualified or unqualified determination of the purity of tetrachloroethylene reagent.

● Instrument measurement and calibration: the instrument uses correction coefficient measurement, standard curve calibration, coefficient calibration and other methods to meet customer needs.

●The oil meter analysis software can directly read the measurement results of oil in water, oil fume and oil mist in waste gas from fixed pollution sources and oil in soil, without manual conversion, according to the measurement parameters set according to current national standards.

●When the data is measured, the test report will be generated automatically. The report includes correction coefficient formula, standard curve and spectrogram, sample scanning spectrogram and measurement data, sample measuring parameters, customer information, etc. In addition, the display content of the test report can be selected arbitrarily, such as sample name, sample volume, extractant volume, dilution multiple, measuring time, sample category, sample concentration, concentration value, absorbance, etc. All kinds of data and corresponding spectrograms are automatically saved without computer screenshot. When the test report is exported, several data measurement spectrograms can be selected to display in one overlapping spectrogram or each data can be selected to display its own measurement spectrogram to fully meet various customer  needs.

●More adaptability: RS232, USB communication interface can be used; WIN7, 8 and 10 computer operating systems are available.

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