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Flat Six Way Switching Valve

QMR-6 flat six way switching valve is a type of valve and column system widely used in gas chromatography, petrochemical industry, and gas analysis industry for injection. The switching injection application of equipment such as headspace samplers, thermal desorbers, and purge and capture devices has become an important component of modern automation systems, with simple basic principles and practical functions. This product can simultaneously connect two inlets and four outlets, and switch fluids between different pipelines by rotating the switch. This flexibility makes it suitable for various complex process control requirements. The valve head material is high-quality stainless steel. PEEK material can be selected for use in corrosive gases such as sulfur.

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1. Suitable for laboratory gas chromatography instruments, industrial online chromatography instruments, headspace samplers, gas samplers, thermal desorbers, purge traps, and other instruments. Laboratory gas control process and other occasions that require gas sample injection, backflushing, switching, etc.

2. It can be used for manual switching of injection, cylinder driver switching of injection, and electric driver switching of injection controlled by the host program.

3. Customizable valve bodies with purge gas structures are particularly important in trace and trace analysis.

4. No matter manual switching, cylinder driving or electric driving, the transmission rod and extension rod with Tight junction can be selected.

5. There are options for working between room temperature to 180 ℃ and long-term working at high temperatures between 150 ℃ and 260 ℃.

6. The valve body is made of high-quality stainless steel material. PEEK materials can also be customized to resist corrosive gases such as sulfides.

7. The working medium must be a dry, non corrosive, and particulate free gas; Input pressure 0.6MPa max.

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Flat Six Way Switching Valve

Flat Six Way Switching Valve

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