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SH-CC-3L Cation Column

SH-CC-3L  is a weak acid type cation chromatographic column produced . The matrix is a styrene-divinylbenzene polymer with a crosslinking degree of 55%, and the surface is grafted with carboxyl groups. SH-CC-3L cation column can complete routine cation analysis by non-suppressed or inhibited conductivity method, and can simultaneously analyze six common cations:Li+ , Na + , NH4 + , K + , Mg 2+ , Ca 2+ . Under specific conditions, it can directly conduct conductivity analysis of some transition metal cations.

IC Columns are compatible with Dionex, Metrohm, Shimadzu systems

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Analysis conditions:  

Flow rate: 1mL/min 

Eluent: 5mmol/L methanesulfonic acid

Injection volume: 25 μL

Injection concentration:Li+::0.4;Na +:3.0;NH4 +:3.0;K +:5.0;Mg 2+:4.0;Ca 2+: 4.0(mg/L). 

Detection method: suppression-conductivity detection

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