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Vertical Freeze Dryer

The vertical  freeze dryer is compact in structure and small in volume, which is suitable for placement and installation in the laboratory.Feeze dryer is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry , biotechnology industry , biologcal science industry , materials science industry , chemical industry , food and agriculturedustry etc . It is used to produce vaccines , drugs and permanently store biological tissues / organs.

Technology Advantage

The compressor has fast cooling speed and large cooling capacity;

7-inch color LCD touch screen design, digital and curve display sample temperature, cold well temperature, vacuum degree and other freeze-drying parameters at the same time;

Standard USB interface with historical data query and storage function;

The charging valve can be filled with dry inert gas (optional);

Cold trap electrochemical frost function (optional);

Clapboard electric heating function, which can explore the pilot freeze-drying process (optional).

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Version: 22/06/2022

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