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ACCSI2020: SHINE won the award of "User's Favorite Instrument in 2019 scientific instrument industry"

2020-09-17 10:4864

On September 16, 2020, the "User's Favorite Instrument in 2019 scientific instrument industry" award was presented at the "award ceremony" of the 14th Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments. (ACCSI2020). This year, due to the epidemic situation, the list of "instruments favored by users of the year" award has been announced on the Internet in advance, and 40 instruments have been awarded this honor.


Since "User's Favorite Instrument in 2019 scientific instrument industry" award, it has been held for 12 times. The award aims to recommend the instruments with the highest user attention in the previous year, and to provide important reference for users to purchase such instruments. After strict selection, a total of 40 instruments favored by domestic and foreign users in the scientific instrument industry were finally selected. 20 categories (chromatography, spectrum, mass spectrometry, X-ray, electrochemistry, cleaning and disinfection, sample preparation and digestion, separation and extraction, purification equipment, constant temperature / heating / drying equipment, grinding equipment, electron microscope, optical measuring instrument, water quality analysis, gas detection, particle size analysis, thermal analysis, testing machine, molecular biology and Bioengineering Equipment were selected One domestic and one foreign instrument of each category won the prize.


With CIC-D160 ion chromatograph(With built-in eluent generator) and perfect after-sales service, SHINE won the chromatography domestic award . The winner of the foreign award is Waters ACQUITY UPLC ultra performance liquid chromatography