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SHINE Donates 500000 Yuan to SHINE Hope Primary School to Help Border Youth

2024-03-26 11:45503

There is a beautiful city on the border between China and Myanmar - Tengchong, Yunnan.


It is a "border pearl", a "biodiversity conservation circle", and even the "most suitable place for human habitation". Here is a group of young people who are passionate, striving, and carrying dreams, creating a better tomorrow for themselves, their hometown, and their motherland.


SHINE is a practitioner of ecological civilization construction, committed to creating the future with the power of technology and civilization. In 2013, SHINE Hope Primary School was established in Tengchong, Yunnan to provide a good learning environment for border youth; For over a decade, Qingyuan Fengda Group has always been concerned about the growth of students and has established the "Qingyuan Da Public Welfare Special Fund" to raise funds and teaching supplies to help students in mountainous areas achieve their dreams.


In 2012, this was still an old wooden building, which was considered a dangerous building and could not meet the requirements of centralized advantageous education. Chairman Zhu Xinyong of SHINE invested 300000 yuan to help build this new teaching building. Over the past decade, SHINE has frequently donated teaching funds and supplies. As of today, the cumulative donation of funds and teaching supplies has exceeded one million yuan, supporting more than 200 people. Nowadays, many students from SHINE Hope Primary School have successfully entered universities and become successors in the construction of our country. SHINE is using his own strength to change the future of his students.


At the donation ceremony, Mr. Zhu donated a total value of 500000 yuan to SHINE Hope Primary School, which will be used to improve teaching equipment, support outstanding students, establish SHINE "Research Camp" and "Study Tour Camp", invite teachers and students to exchange and learn in Qingdao, bring advanced teaching concepts, excellent teaching resources, ecological cultural construction concepts, etc. back to Tengchong, and promote local education and ecological development. Principal Cao of SHINE Hope Primary School presented a banner to Mr. Zhu, expressing deep gratitude for SHINE's continuous care and support over the past decade, which reads "Caring for Border Education and Embracing the Future of the Motherland."


It is easy to do public welfare once, but what is difficult is to persist for more than ten years. Over the past twelve years, SHINE has devoted countless attention and support to Tengchong Hope Primary School, and his charitable actions will continue in the next decade. In 2008, SHINE supported the Wenchuan disaster area by donating ion chromatographs; In 2012, SHINE donated 300000 yuan to establish "SHINE Hope Primary School"; In 2016, Qingyuan Fengda Group, a subsidiary of SHINE, held a "Public Welfare Tour" for seven consecutive sessions; In 2019, SHINE and the Laoshan Red Cross established the "Qingyuanda Public Welfare Special Fund" special foundation; In 2022, Qingdao will donate funds and materials to help fight against the epidemic... The public welfare journey will never stop.


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