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The Seminar on the High-quality Development of China's Ion Chromatography Industry and the 40th Anniversary Commemorative Event have been Successfully Held!

2023-12-18 13:16379

Since the birth of the first ion chromatograph, China's ion chromatography has gone through 40 glorious years. To commemorate the glorious history of China's ion chromatography, inherit and promote the spirit of hard work and innovation, from December 14th to 16th, the Qingdao Analysis and Testing Society and the Qingdao Instrument and Meter Industry Association hosted the seminar on the high-quality development of China's ion chromatography industry and the 40th anniversary commemorative activity hosted by Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd. were held in Qingdao.


Government leaders, experts and scholars, industry elites, and senior users attended the scene and delivered wonderful speeches.

The launch ceremony of the "Global Ion Chromatography Core Industry Zone" has pushed the atmosphere of the conference to a climax. This industrial zone will be led and built by Shenghan, becoming an ion chromatography industry chain that integrates research and development, production, and service. From technology research and development, raw material supply, product production, manufacturing, and after-sales service, it will achieve full process integration and upgrading development.


The grand launch of the global ion chromatography core industry zone

Xue Xiaofei, Deputy Director of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Wang Guangyang, Deputy Director of the Laoshan District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zeng Wei, Secretary General of the Analytical Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, Zhang Jinghua, Chairman of the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Technology Society, Li Shuguang, Secretary General of the Water Quality Testing Professional Committee of the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Technology Society, and Professor Zhu Yan, Executive Director of the Ion Chromatography Professional Committee of the China Chromatographic Society Wang Qi, Vice Chairman of Qingdao Analysis and Testing Society, Zhu Xinyong, Secretary General of Qingdao Instrument Industry Association, and Chen Xiaojuan, Vice President of Qingyuan Fengda Group, jointly took the stage and officially launched the "Global Ion Chromatography Core Industry Zone". In the future, the core industry areas of global ion chromatography will drive the global industrial ecosystem and lead the high-quality development of domestic ion chromatography in terms of globalization, industrialization, and ecology.

For the past 40 years, domestic ion chromatography has not only taken root and sprouted rapidly in China, but also exported to countries such as Asia, Europe, and South America. Domestic ion chromatography is opening up a path in the international market and going further and further. The conference invited agents from countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Kuwait. Indonesian and Kazakhstani agents delivered speeches at the conference, introducing Shenghan's significant presence in the Indonesian and Kazakhstani markets and providing comprehensive solutions in various fields such as food, petrochemicals, and electronics. They also congratulated the 40th anniversary conference of ion chromatography in China on its successful completion.



Authorization Ceremony for Overseas Agents


China's ion chromatography has developed for 40 years. Future chromatography professionals will work together to promote the high-quality development of the domestic ion chromatography industry.

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