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Exhibition Live | SHINE's Appearance at ARABLAB 2023, with a Unique Design of "Technology+Art+Culture"

2023-09-20 11:07236

From September 19th to 21st, ARABLAB 2023 was grandly held at the Dubai World Trade Center. As an old friend of ARABLAB, SHINE was invited to participate in this grand event and received attention and favor from many high-quality overseas exhibitors and customers.



ARABLAB was first held in 1984 and is the only testing instrument and testing equipment exhibition in the Middle East market. It is also the earliest and most well-equipped professional testing instrument exhibition in Dubai to date.

This year, ARABLAB has a large scale, and the number of Chinese exhibitors has increased by 3-4 times compared to last year. After the opening up of the epidemic, domestic instrument manufacturers have frequently made efforts in overseas markets. SHINE also continues to deeply cultivate the Middle East market, showcasing its unique product concept of "technology+culture+art", attracting countless attention!



New Chromatographic Solution

SHINE, together with CIC-D160+ion chromatograph and CLC-3200 HPLC, appeared at the exhibition and launched a new chromatographic solution, which is highly favored by overseas customers. Customers from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, India, etc. experience SHINE Instruments on-site and feel a full sense of technology.

The CIC-D160+ion chromatograph is SHINE third-generation mid to high-end intelligent achievement product, which comprehensively applies national major special achievements such as a new bipolar circuit conductivity detector, electrolytic micro film suppressor, high-pressure advection pump, eluent generator, ion exchange chromatography column, etc. It is a conscientious work of mid to high-end domestic ion chromatography.


SHINE CLC-3200 high-performance liquid chromatography, combined with a multi-solvent management system, a wide area temperature control column temperature box, and a binary pump for precise infusion, is easy to operate and has stable performance. It is widely used in food, medicine, and the environment to protect health.



Unique Design Aesthetics

At the SHINE booth, the highly artistic products attracted many customers to watch. The simple and atmospheric design of black, white, and gray is eye-catching; The integration of technological symbols and traditional Chinese elements also adds unique technological and cultural attributes to the product. Friends from all over the world stopped to visit the scene, and the crowd was overwhelming and lively!



Integration of Chinese Elements Into the Booth

The SHINE booth incorporates many Chinese elements, such as national treasures such as pandas, bamboo lanterns, Qingdao specialty sorghum and authentic Laoshan green tea. The traditional, classical, cute, and delicious Chinese elements have attracted a large number of overseas customers and also brought in the distance between SHINE and its customers. At international exhibitions, SHINE not only showcases the strong strength of Chinese instruments, but also showcases the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.


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