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SHINE held the delivery ceremony of Yunnan CDC core competence improvement project

2021-05-10 16:2669

On May 10, 2021, SHINE held a delivery ceremony in the product hall of the manufacturing department of "Yunnan Province major infectious disease treatment capacity and disease control institutions core competence improvement project". A total of 27 sets were delivered, including 23 sets of CIC-D120 ion chromatographs and 4 sets of CIC-D300 ion chromatographs. Zhu Xinyong, chairman of SHINE, Zhao henglei, deputy general manager of Southwest Branch of SHINE and all staff of manufacturing department attended the delivery ceremony.


Zhu Xinyong, chairman of SHINE, delivered a speech at the delivery ceremony. General manager Zhu said that may 10, 2021 is a lucky day for SHINE, which means that SHINE's products enter the high-end customer market in turn. Since then, SHINE will also enter other high-end industries and industries with special requirements. At present, SHINE's products have been made in China, and its key components have been independently developed and produced. It does not need to rely on imports, leading a new trend in this industry. In the future, all SHINE people will strive to make their own contributions to the national economy, national defense and security, and feel the national pride. They will also work hard to create more opportunities to share joy, pride and achievement.

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