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Maintenance of six-way injection valve

2019-02-22 00:00447

    Valve is the key component in the flow path conversion system, and its quality directly affects whether the instrument can work and performance.

    When the valve leaks in use, it should be checked whether the valve is leaking at the seal of the valve interface or the valve itself. If the valve interface leaks, its joint can be tightene. If it leaks again, we can replace the seal; If the valve leaks, the external fixing screw behind the valve can be tightened, requiring several screw tightening degree to be the same, so as to ensure that the two sealing surfaces of the internal valve are parallel to each other. If it leaks after being tightened, the internal screw behind the valve can be relaxed by 1/6 screw , which purposes to ensure that the two sealing surfaces are parallel. Then tighten the external screw. If it still leaks, remove the valve to repair and install or replace it.

    Method of repairing valve blockage: First ,check whether the valve inlet is too tight or blocked, if there is foreign matter inside, disassemble the valve for inspection and repair.


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