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Determination of Total Fluorine Content in Plastics

2023-06-05 00:00282

Fluoroplastics   refer   to   plastics   made   of   fluororesin.   The   main   varieties   include   polytetrafluoroethylene, tetrafluoroethylene  ethylene  copolymer,  tetrafluoroethylene  hexafluoropropylene  copolymer,  and  trifluoroethylene ethylene copolymer.Because the molecular structure of fluoroplastics contains fluorine atoms, it has many excellent properties, such as excellent electrical insulation, high heat resistance, outstanding oil resistance, solvent resistance and abrasion resistance, good moisture resistance and low temperature resistance. Therefore, fluoroplastics play an important role in industrial sectors such as national defense, electromechanical, metallurgical, and petrochemical industries.This  article  introduces  the  determination  of  total  fluorine  content  in  plastics  by  ion  chromatography combustion method.

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