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Determination of Anion in Seawater

2023-06-13 00:00463

In recent years, with the importance of ocean development and application, great progress has been made in the exploitation of ocean water and ocean energy. However, there are still difficulties and unknown areas in the study of ocean water. The composition of seawater is quite complex, and the content of chemical elements varies greatly. It is a mixed solution with complex chemical components, including water, a variety of chemical elements and gases dissolved in water. There are many kinds of anions and cations in seawater, and the concentration difference between them is large, so it is difficult to analyze and determine various ions.In the analysis of conventional ions in seawater, ion chromatograph is the best instrument with high accuracy and efficiency.


Instruments and equipment 


                                                                             CIC-D180 Ion chromatograph                                                  SH-AP-2 column(with SH-GP-2 Guard column) 

Sample chromatogram     


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