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UV-VIS detector
UV-VIS detector

    Ultraviolet detector realize the comparative analysis of the component content of the sample based on the fact that the substance has obvious absorbability to ultraviolet light .It is a modern analytical and experimental instrument in the fields of life science research, drug determination, chemical industry, food science and medical research.

  • The system has high reliability and stability, and the wavelength can be corrected when it turned on;

  • The instrument can control the wavelength, and carry out the stop flow automatic spectrum scanning;

  • The Z-shaped design and the constant temperature treatment in the flow cell reduces noise and drift ;

  • The dual beam design of the instrument  reduces the effect of environmental changes on drifting.

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Baseline   Noise

Baseline   Drift

Minimum   Detectable Concentration

Instrument   Linearity

Maximum   Allowable Deviation of Wavelength

Wavelength   Repeatability







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Conductivity detector

Conductivity detector

UV-VIS detector

UV-VIS detector

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