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CIC-D100N Ion Chromatograph
CIC-D100N Ion Chromatograph

      CIC-D100 ion chromatograph is a classic product of Shenghan, which has been accepted by many customers. Based on the latest needs of users, Shenghan produced a newly upgraded CIC-D100. Compared with the previous one, it is more accurate and reliable. The new IC not only can detect anions, cations and other polar substances in different matrix samples, but also separate ions with four orders of magnitude difference. Intelligent maintenance function is added to give users a better experience. It is suitable for third-party testing institutions, enterprises, environmental protection, chemical industry, mining and metallurgy and other fields.

Technology advantage:

  • Built-in circulating 3D constant temperature technology(CN 204259917U)

    Temperature stability time is less than 30 mins, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test data.

  • The world's leading full-range series of ion chromatographic columns(CN 105126936A、CN 104788603A)

    High efficiency, large capacity of the columns for detecting ions of varied compositions.

  • Self-Regenerating Electrolytic Micro-membrane Suppressor(CN 102735792A)

     High pressure resistance, small dead volume, highly responsive to signals.

  • Auto-range Conductivity Detector

    It can directly detect the signal from ppb to ppm without adjusting the range; Only one conductivity detector can detect anions and cations.

  • Observatory intelligent workstation

    Integrated control;With intelligent start-up, shutdown and maintenance functions;Compatible with a variety of instruments;Customized images.

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Maximum Pressure:42MPa(Stainless steel)

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min      



Maximum Pressure:35MPa(PEEK)

External Diameter of The Tube:1/16"


Column Heater 

Operating Temperature Range: 20 ~60℃(68~140℉)

Temperature Accuracy:±1℃ 

Temperature Stability:≤0.05℃/h 


Conductivity Detector    

Cell Volume:≤0.8μL

Detection Range:0~35000μS/cm

Baseline Noise:≤0.001μS/cm            

Baseline Drift:≤0.02μS

Power Requirements:150W

Dimensions(L*W*H*):325*400*500 (mm)

Net Weight(KGS):21

Gross Weight(KGS):28

CIC-D100 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D100 Ion Chromatograph

Self-regenerating suppressor

Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor

SH-AC-3 anion column

SH-AC-3 anion column

Manual sample injection

Manual six-way injection valve

anion column   Hydroxide system

SH-AC-5 anion column

High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

SH-CC-3 cation column

SH-CC-3 cation column

SH-CC-4 cation column

SH-CC-4 cation column


CE authentication-EMC


CE authentication-LVD

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