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Teaching   Ion Chromatograph
Teaching machine

   CIC-T6 is an ion chromatograph tailored to meet the needs of teaching. Its concise design is convenient for teaching demonstration.The instrument has the standard configuration of laboratory models, which can realize the analysis of common anions, cations and other small molecular organic acids. It is suitable for teaching and scientific research fields such as universities, vocational education and so on.

Technology Advantage:

  • All functional components of the instrument  are presented in front for easy and intuitive observation;With intelligent teaching software, on-line state can control the instrument;

  • off-line state can enter into teaching simulation environment to demonstrate various kinds of teaching experiments;

  • With the fast columns developed by ourselves,  7 kinds of ions in one sample can be analysed in 5 minutes;

  • The principles and common faults of IC can be explained by pictures and animations, so as to meet the daily teaching needs.

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Maximum Pressure:42MPa(Stainless steel)

Flow Rate Range:0.0019.999mL/min  



Maximum Pressure:35MPa(PEEK)

Sample Amount:30000 times


Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume:≤0.8μL

Detection Range:0~35000μS/cm

Detection Resolution:≤0.0020nS/cm

Internal flow chart of ion chromatograph

Conductivity detector

Conductivity detector

SH-AC-4 anion column

SH-AC-4 anion column

Manual sample injection

Manual six-way injection valve

High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

pretreatment column C18 ,RP

SH series pretreatment column

Needle filter

Needle filter

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