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CIC-D160 Ion Chromatograph CIC-D160 Ion Chromatograph
CIC-D160 Ion chromatograph

    CIC-D160 is a high-stability ion chromatograph with upgrade circuit technology ,which can detect anion, cation, cyanide, iodide, sugar and small molecular organic acids . It is widely used in the fields of environment, disease control, food, chemical industry, electronics, mining and metallurgy.

Technology Advantage:

  • Built-in eluent generator, free from configuring eluent, with gradient elution available

    High pressure resistance, small dead volume, highly responsive to signals;

  • Built-in low-pressure degassing technology to eliminate bubble interference for stability;

  • Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor(CN 102735792A)

    High pressure resistance, small dead volume, highly responsive to signals;

  • Modular design, convenient to assemble and disassemble , easy to operate;

  • Optional intelligent automatic injection system for large sample volumes, which features automatic dilution to save labor and time;

  • Work across a variety of detectors to expand the scope of applications of ion chromatography.

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Maximum Pressure:35 MPa(PEEK)

Pressure Display Accuracy:≤0.1MPa

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume:  ≤0.8μL

Detection Range: 0~50000μS/cm

Detection Resolution: ≤0.0020nS/cm              

Electronic Noise:0.02nS

Temperature Range:Room temperature+5~60℃(41 ~140℉)

Maximum Pressure:10.0MPa 


Built-in Eluent Generator

Eluent Types : KOH/MSA

Eluent Concentration Range :0.1-120mM

Concentration Increment :0.1mM

Flow Rate Range:0.1-5.0mL/min



Power Requirements:150W

Dimensions(L*W*H*):350*470*650 (mm)

Net Weight(KGS):34

Gross Weight(KGS):40

Nitrate and nitrite in food

Nitrate and nitrite in food

Nitrate and nitrite in food

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Internal flow chart of ion chromatograph

Eluent generator

Anion eluent generator

Conductivity detector

Conductivity detector

Three dimensional automatic injector

Three dimensional automatic injector

Self-regenerating suppressor

Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor

Sample injection

Electromagnetic six-way sampling valve

Atmosphere on-line ion chromatograph

Atmosphere on-line IC

High pressure infusion pump (peek)

High pressure infusion pump (peek)

On-line degassing device

On-line degassing device

pretreatment column C18 ,RP

SH series pretreatment column

Needle filter

Needle filter


CE authentication-EMC


CE authentication-LVD

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