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Qingdao ShengHan Chromatograph Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002, the manufacturer and product solutions provider, which is focused on ion chromatography and key components, we are striving to promote ecological development and environmental protection and devote to build a world-class science instrument.


We adhere to the technology-oriented, 15% of sales in research and development each year, with a high-quality R & D and management team, among which  ZhangLiesheng and JingJianzeng,two senior engineers who gained“the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology”created the first generation of ion chromatography.


We've got series of CIC, CIC-D series and portable ion chromatograph which have their own intellectual property, Until now We have been gaining 7 patent for invention, 39 utility model patents as well as 7 copyrights for software, we have become the world's only able to complete three using self-developed IC manufacturers one ion column.


Recently,our products have been applied to environmental protection, quality inspection, health and epidemic prevention, petrochemicals, hydrogeology, power electronics, military industry, nuclear industry. Also we have exported to Africa, South America, Middle East, India, Malaysia and several dozens of countries and regions.